Liplat of Biogas 
Welcome To Bangladesh Biogas Development Foundation.
BBDF is to Develop the idea of Bio Gas plant to reach among the mass people how to safe the environment through waste management and convert the waste in to energy.  Bio Gas Plant is the total solution for keeping the Environment Clean, elimination of air, water or soil pollution and improve Public Health, help National Grid with additional amount of electricity from biogas, offer cooking gas or CNG where natural gas is not available,
The Foundation research training and awareness program on Bio Gas and it's benefit in term of public health to spreed out the knowledge and idea among mass people of Bangladesh. Dependency with Fossil fuel need to reduce in order to keep the environment balance. Climate Change is an important issue these days and Biogas can help to protect environment thus control in climate change.
BBDF offer the State of the Art  guidance to set up, establish, manufacturing plant of Bio Gas to produce electricity through Bio Gas plant for public interest of the country as well as waste management to keep the environment pollution free. BBDF Research Cell, Design Cell and Monitoring Cell is always ready to assist any funding organization or Customer to have the best technology and support in the development of Biogas-based energy conversion in the country.
BBDF is concern about the right design, safety and sustainability while setting up a plant by any BBDF Member and ensure highest yield of production. Safety is very important for the customer as well as for the Financing Organization. BBDF supervisory activities will help the customer or the financing organization from such anxiety.
Our vision is to make the environment clean, mitigate maximum possible pollution, improve public health and strengthen National Energy Situation stronger with Green Energy. We are looking at a future with Green Power everywhere. All city can have a City Green Power Station from Municipal waste. All industrial area can have a Green Power Station from industrial waste, such as sugar industry, food industry, etc. And from agriculture waste, we aim at community biogas plant to serve a community with Green Energy.
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The mission of the Bangladesh Biogas Development Foundation (BBDF) is to help people having energy for their domestic use and contribute National Power Grid with Green Energy in order to save Fossil Fuel and help to keep the environmental balance with our existing fossil.
We consider the right of the people and would like to offer the basic right from biogas. Peoples living in a remote area can’t be connected with National Grid, can be easily get energy to improve their livelihood. Part of the population will get energy and part will not. BBDF want to work intensively to offer energy for all with available biodegradable waste with proper waste management policy.